Cost Managemenet

I need to REDO this assignment and the instructor feed back is below:

Hi Kevin,

I hope this note finds you doing well. I would like you to take a little more time to enhance this assignment so you can earn full credit. I don’t see much difference between this submission and the earlier one, as you still do not have all of the components and sections for a full cost management plan.

Please review the template provided and create a document that is independent of educational overtones. In other words… instead of writing a report about a cost plan, create an actual plan that demonstrates all of the elements in the template. This reads like an instructional guide rather than a cost plan itself. You’ve got very good elements in the content, we just need the rest of the core components for a complete cost plan.

A table of contents using the following headers: Introduction, Cost Management Plan, Cost Baseline, Conclusion, and References. ? A minimum of three scholarly journal and textbook source references cited and credited according to APA 6th edition formatting style using a minimum of six in-text citations. ? The paper should be focused and to the point, containing between 600–800 words specific to the table of content items (excluding references).

I’ve attached the Rubric and the Assignment that was submitted. The next few documents were the prior assignments so you can get a idea of the topic I am writing on.

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