Create 11 PowerPoint slide presentation on chosen religion

Choose one of the following religions and create a 11-slide PowerPoint presentation on the religion. Address the items below in your presentation.Be sure to include at least 5 graphics in your presentation.

Find the following information about your religion:

• Explain thebasic beliefs and tenets of the religion.

• Identify the deity or deities of the religion.

• Identify and discuss the origin and founder(s) of the religion.

• Identify different sects within the religion.

• Identify the approximate number of followers worldwide.

• Identify famous people that follow this religion.

• Identify dominant locations of the country where the religion is practiced.

• Discuss the religion’s views/beliefs of the afterlife.

• Identify Holy books used by the religion.

• Discuss other interesting facts learned about the religion.


Judaism Zoroastrianism Shinto

Hinduism Wicca Sikhism

Islam Mormon Taoism

Confucianism Jehovah’s Witness Unification Church

Buddhism Scientology New Age

Animism Christian Science Hare Krishna

Jainism Rastafari Falun Gong

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