Essay 1

The most important part is following her instructions.


Main Essay requirements are attached as a pdf file

Below are the topics to choose from for essay 1 (see your essay prompt!) You will choose ONE topic set for your essay and you will use ALL THREE articles from the set for your essay.

The 3 topics are attached.

Summary Assignment (Essay 1 Prep Activity)

Assignment Objectives:

  • to prepare for your upcoming argumentative essay
  • to learn to summarize articles clearly, completely and concisely, and
  • to highlight your understanding of your source materials

Assignment Description:

To prepare for your essay, you will choose your topic and read the corresponding selection of readings that are within that topic grouping (there are four sets of topics, each containing three readings possible) and then you will write detailed summaries for each of those three articles.

The process of writing these summaries is as follows:

  • Start the summary process by re-reading the original document. Take notes to get a clear sense of its main point and most important sub points.
  • Sketch out a map of the article’s key information. Include the most essential information to create a rough draft of the original document.
  • Rewrite the key information in your own words. Initially don’t worry about length. Avoid using any of the original document’s words unless a key term or phrase is indispensable. If you must quote a passage directly, use quotation marks around quoted words. REALLY LIMIT THESE!
  • Edit your version. When you have included everything readers need, edit your work for conciseness, getting rid of wordiness, combining related ideas, and eliminating repetition.
  • Finally, check your version against the original. Verify that you have added no personal observations and have not altered the meaning, intent, or emphasis of the original.
  • Indicate the exact source of the summarized material. When you are summarizing someone else’s work, immediately follow your summary with a reference to the original source.
  • Remain aware of ethical considerations. A summary that adds material not found in the original document or omits critical information from the original is misleading and unethical. Likewise, misrepresenting the original document’s point of view is unethical. So take this seriously! This is an important skill you are developing.

Once you have completed the above, ask yourself:

  • Can the summary stand alone?
  • Is the summary accurate when checked against the original?
  • Is the summary free of needless details?
  • Is the summary concise yet clear and comprehensive?
  • Is the source of the summary documented?

Reminders – Your summaries should:

  • be written in language appropriate for the target audience
  • consist of concise paragraphs
  • be written in the same order as the article
  • only include material present in the article
  • be readable separately from the main report (that is, a reader should not have to read the article in order to understand your summary)

Although a summary as a rule is between 5 to 7% of the length of the original source, your summaries for this assignment should be one to two developed paragraphs. Each summary should include a Works Cited Page citation (which will prepare your works cited page for your essay).

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