human growth and development

1. Clearly describe the purpose of your assignment by identifying the groups and the development focus of eac.

Part b

1. Discuss how identity self is developed in middle childhood and continued in adolescence and early adulthood including concrete examples of how groth occurs.

2. Explain how interpersonal relationships including those from family and school experience growth from those from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. describe a revelent example of each.

3. Describe how intimacy is apparent in middle childhood and contrast this with intimacy in th eadolescent and the young adult.

4. Please provide a brief description of the physical and cognitive changes of early and middle adulthood highlighting the similarities and deleneating the differences.

part c

Describe the purpose of this assognment and integrate what you learned about these populations and their developments. Please include how this information has aided you in the understanding of these topics

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