Management Week Discussion

Discussion Board #5 focuses on that section of your textbook (Chapter 7) that deals with “Organization Change and Innovation.” This week’s question has two components:

1. First, I would like you to identify and describe the reason some people “strongly” resist organizational change, a normal part of life in organizations.

2. For the second part of this discussion, I would like you to describe and explain, according to your text, some of the appropriate steps or actions that management can implement to attempt to minimize the resistance to organizational change.

Along with reading chapter 7, I’ve included a short YouTube video for you to view below entitled, “What is Change Management? Training Video.” This video should help everyone generate their creative “change” juices for our weekly discussion board. I also uploaded Chapter 7 file for you.

Video is available on YouTube at

(Please note there are alternate spellings for some of the words seen in this video)

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