Managing Diversity

Managing Diversity

Write an executive report of 4–5 pages that analyzes the role of diversity in an underperforming community program, unit, or department, and outline a plan for providing ongoing training on cultural awareness, inclusion, and sensitivity to current employees.

Questions to Consider When Writing:

  • How well does the workforce within your organization reflect the diversity of the community?
  • Are the needs of the community well served by the organization?
  • Have you ever observed or experienced situations of prejudice or bias by a coworker? How did you respond to the situation?

Report Content

  • Outline a plan to recruit, hire, and retain a more diverse workforce. Note: Your outline should be a high-level overview of a plan, not a detailed plan. Other courses in your program will go into human resource practices and diversity in depth. In drafting your plan, consider the following questions:
    • How does a leader develop a diverse workforce?
    • Where will you look for more diverse employees? Will you post job ads?
    • What will the interviewing and hiring process look like? Who will do the interviewing? Who will make the final decisions?
    • What kind of incentives will you offer diverse employees to retain them? What do you need to know about the culture and values of diverse employees before developing a retention plan?
    • How will you address issues related to diversity that result in conflict?
  • Outline a plan for the ongoing training and professional development of existing staff in cultural awareness and sensitivity. Consider how your plan can:
    • Improve communications and interpersonal skills.
    • Help overcome bias and resistance to change.
  • Explain the benefits, to both the organization and the community it serves, of having a diverse and culturally competent workforce.
    • Explain the relationship between health care organizations and communities.
    • Explain the role that diversity plays in providing culturally competent care and access for the under-served in a community.
  • Determine the influence of effective leadership on the development of a diverse and culturally competent workforce.
    • Explain the importance of cultural competence for leaders in an organization.
  • Explain how the academic and research skills you develop as a practitioner-scholar can serve you in your role as an effective health care leader.
    • Explain how those skills might contribute to your credibility and effectiveness as a leader.
    • Explain how those skills might prepare you to lead a diverse workforce.


Wynne, R. (2012). Defining diversity. BizEd, 11(1), 32–34.

Benefits of a Diverse Workforce

Leading for Diversity and Cultural Competence

These resources examine the impact of leadership diversity and cultural competence to improve quality health care delivery.

Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce

This resource address diversity practices in health care settings.

Training Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity

These resources examine the impact of cultural and sensitivity training in health care settings.

Research and Diversity

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