Project Hospital Budget for Upcoming Year, health and medicine homework help

M5A15: Project Hospital Budget for Upcoming Year

Attached Files:

2014 VI.G Financial Management 1. Plan budgets (3), and 3. Explain budget variances (2).

Apply learned knowledge from the attachment Budgeting Basics Mass General Hospital 2011 and what you have learned about Health Care systems thus far. Apply this learned knowledge in your composition of a 2014 budget for University Health System.

In the University Health System 2014 Annual Report (also attached), review the Summary of Revenue, Expenses, and Changes in Net Position for the years 2013, 2012, and 2011.  Using the operating revenue and expense from Table 2, project revenue and expenses for 2014 in the broad categories used in table 2.  Show your 2014 budget proposal in Excel spreadsheet.  Also in spreadsheet format address how things will be the same or different by each of the category considerations in Table 3. 

On the Excel spreadsheet, below your proposed budgets, insert a text box.  Explain your reasoning for each of your budget line items.  Comprehensiveness, presentation, organization, spelling and grammar, and length will be considerations in the grading.

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