Smart Billboards

Read the online articles on smart billboards (click on links) and answer the questions below.……

1. What type of segmentation criteria are being used in these articles? Is this a needs-based segmentation or a profile-based segmentation? Explain.

2. How effective do you think this type of advertising is compared to regular billboard advertising. What are the pros and cons of each?

3. What is the purpose of targeting in the STP process? How is targeting achieved with smart billboards, or is targeting no longer relevant with smart billboards? In answering this question, identify the process that goes through matching consumer to advertisement.

4. Identify another type of brand or product or social marketing issue (aside from the coughing billboard for the Apotek Pharmacy in Sweden) that a smart board media company could try and sell the use of this face recognition software technology to. Explain how the smart billboard would work in this case.

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