Theories of Human Behavior in Social Work

* Paper Must be APA FORMAT 6th Edition with COVER PAGE and REFERENCE PAGE.

* The length of the paper must be at least 2-3 pages long, including cover page and reference page.

* Paper Must have at least 2 references one including the textbook and the other a scholarly article of your choice based on the theory you choose.

* Article must be recent 2013-2018

*Paper must have an introduction.

* Don’t just summarize article

Content of the Paper

Discuss how the article relates to the theory you chose which can be the theory of evolution, psychosexual theory, object relations theory, Piaget’s theory, theories of learning, cultural theory, social role theory or systems theory.

-Reflect on the information on the article, by doing more then just a statement based on why you agree and disagree with the information presented. Tell me why. Analyze the information.And relate it back to your personal experiences and observations. Make connections between the new information and what was learned.

-Discuss your thoughts regarding article:

* Do you agree or disagree with what was written? why or why not?

*Did the article make you question your own beliefs or what you though you knew to be true?

* What conclusions did you draw?

* Did the article leave you with additional questions? If so, What?

* Can you relate the article to your own experience or the experiences of those around you or to something you’ve seen in the media?

*What new knowledge or new understanding of this topic have you acquired?

* Did the article change your attitudes and/ or beliefs?

* Have you been changed as a person after reading this article? How so?

* What will you do with this new knowledge?

* How might this change your future behaviors?

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