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Post 2; A conflict situation is one that I experienced at my work. I told the scheduler what days and times I can work however they would ask me to work on days I could not work or if I worked a 12 hour overnight shift, they would make me work a shift the next day in the morning right after. After expressing to my boss that I do not feel comfortable working the next day right after a 12 hour overnight, they would try to bribe me with gas cards or gift cards. I tried to express to them that It was not about the money I just did not feel comfortable providing patient care in those conditions. The communication style used by my boss was considered aggressive because according to our textbook, “aggressive communication is generally direct, threatening, and condescending” (Marquis, Huston, 2015). I felt that my boss trying to bribe me with gifts to take the shift felt very condescending as if I am working as a CNA only for money. My communication was assertive because according to our text book, “an assertive communication model helps people unlearn common self-deprecating speech patterns that signal insecurity and a lack of confidence (Marquis, Huston, 2015). I was confident in the fact that I could not work the next morning after a twelve hour overnight and stated directly to my boss this was not about the money this was about the care I provide to the patients. This conflict could directly involve the clients that use our service. I have not completely resolved the conflict, I am still being bribed by my boss to take shifts like these even though I clearly state I cannot and have stated before, this is something that I am handling passively, however, still saying No. There have been no outcomes achieved, unfortunately.

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