Write a two page summary of the guest speaker’s lecture and discussion

Company name: First Data

peckers name: Teresa Queen – Bob Forsgren

speaker link


if the record doesn’t work let me

a two page single spaced, 12 font and typed summary of the guest speaker’s
lecture and discussion. The objective of the assignment is to identify and
apply the key learnings of the course and current events to the speaker’s

Include the following five sections in critique: 

Part 1- summarize the key points of
the speaker’s presentation

Part 2-cite and discuss the examples the speaker used to address the
Miller Heiman sales principles such as buying influences, red flags, funnel,
valid business reason, economic buyer, single sales objectives …

Part 3-critique the speaker’s presentation style
and his/her effectiveness as a speaker….

Part 4-three questions developed to ask the speaker

Part 5 –reference passages from a newspaper article from either
the New York Times and or Omaha World Herald relevant to the speaker’s
industry, company, competitors…; include both a copy of the article and the

Also there 4 steps the guest talk about it please write it in the paper 

Also grammar and spelling is important 

is an examples for another speakers, so I hope it’s clear for you

MKT 4000 speaker critique example – David Brown-1.docx 

Speaker Critique example fall 2015.docx 

Speaker rubric.xlsx 

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