develop implement strategies manage effective workplace relations. This is a major project. There are four stages

ASSESSMENT 2: PROJECTYou are running Koffee Kart, a small business of your own together with your business partners.

Koffee Kart is a retailer of hot coffee using small booths in key CBD locations. You have seven outlets in the Sydney region. You have taken on additional staff to maintain service levels from an ever-demanding customer base.

The composition of the workforce now is quite diverse covering a range of ages, skills, personalities and nationalities and you have employees from a range of different cultural backgrounds. You believe that the wellbeing of the employees and success of your business depends largely on the cultural diversity and them all getting on well together.

You realise that you need to put in place some rules and strategies to ensure that your team achieves the business outcomes.

For this assessment you are to take the role of manager in a simulated business. You are required to develop and implement strategies to manage effective workplace relations.

This is a major project. There are four stages. You must complete them all.

• Stage One: – requires you to develop a number of policies and procedures to support the development of effective work relationships

• Stage Two: – requires you to deliver an information session to managers and employees on cultural diversity and improving workplace relations

• Stage Three: – in this stage you are to develop and implement a strategy for networking to benefit the business through involvement with internal and external relationships

• Stage Four – you are to conduct a counselling session with two employees in order to resolve a conflict situation

Each student will be allowed approximately 20 – 30 minutes for the information session. You can do this in groups of 6 – 10 with the other students in the role of managers and employees.

In the counselling session, two other students will play the role of the employees. You will then swap roles. Details of the roles are provided.

Note:Your assessor will observe you leading your information session and counselling, in order to assess your management and communication skills.

Templates are provided for the documents required to be produced from this project.

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