Leadership Seminar

Part A:Recognizing Adaptive challenges in the workplace.

Adaptive challenges require some change to structures, attitudes, and relationships. These situations cannot be solved by applying standard procedures; they require collective genius and innovation, including distributed/shared and collective leadership.

In your initial post, please create a keyword/phrase list from the readings and from Kuenkel’s video (Links to an external site.). Identify the key terms that capture what we are learning this week about defragmenting our thinking and action.

HINT: Go to the Kuenkel YouTube video and click on the “….” button to view a transcript of the video (located next to the Save button).

Provide the key word list (~20), introduce and explore an adaptive challenge within your organization. Explain how the situation requires collective talents of the organization to get at the adaptive challenge.

NOTE: this is not a technical fix. Present what is currently being done about the challenge and consider why you believe efforts are falling short. When exploring how your organization might address the adaptive challenge. It is very important to integrate the keywords taken from the Kuenkel video into your post.

NOTE: We will continue to explore this adaptive challenge in Next Week, So the more specifics you can offer here, the better off you will be for your work next week.

2 Pages response excluding cover and reference pages.

Part B:Leadership within Turbulence

As a leader who cultivates an attitude that recognizes turbulence as normal and how it destabilizes and promotes self-organization in human systems, position yourself as a fractal, an attractor that influences what happens by what you embody, say, and do. Explore how this mode of thinking affects your attitude toward the adaptive challenge you identified this week in your discussion post (recognize bias and projections). How would you begin planning and mapping as presented in Kuenkel’s video (Links to an external site.)(MUST WATCH)
and models your organization’s exploration of the adaptive challenge?

3 Pages response excluding cover and reference pages.

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