Cas 283 technology and communication

  • Consider the ideas contained in the Cues Filtered Out Perspective. In your own words discuss the concepts of cues, social presence, and richness. In your essay use examples of these concepts as well as examples of how these concepts can impact communication (or interaction).
  • Think of an example of a time that you shared private information with a friend. Using Communication Privacy Management talk about how you chose to share that information, what kinds of boundaries (rules) you established (or assumptions you made about rules that existed), and what happened to the relationship (example: was there any turbulence, did it bring you closer together, etc.).
  • Identify the three fantasies that Sherry Turkle identifies about cell phone use. In what ways are these similar or different from your own cell phone use? Provide examples to support your answers.


  1. The essay should be a minimum of 800-1000 words but no more than 1400.
  2. Please include a word count at the bottom of your responses and BOLD any course terms or concepts.

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