Hypothetical Scenarios

The answer should be no more than 3 pages.

17. Betty Suarez is the administrative assistant for the manager at Mode, Inc., a small fashion design house. She prepares the payroll for the firm and assists the manager with some personnel decisions. The office staff at Mode, Inc. seek to form a union, and Betty is interested in being a part of the union. Are there any legal restrictions on Betty being a member of the bargaining unit? Explain.

19. The taxi drivers at 4-Star Cabs pay the company a daily rental fee for the use of the company cabs but get to keep all the fares that they earn during their driving shifts. The drivers determine their working hours and must pay for the gas they use during their shifts. The company carries an “umbrella” auto insurance policy that covers the drivers, but it does not provide any benefits to the drivers. Are the drivers “employees” under the NLRA? Explain.

18. The maintenance and food service workers at Prestigious University are represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union. The union and the university administration have just agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement covering the next four years. A number of workers in the skilled maintenance department are dissatisfied with their union because they feel that the union accepted lower wage raises in return for getting a long-term contract. They contact a representative of the Service Employees International Union to discuss ousting the Teamsters as their bargaining representative. What must the workers do to get the NLRB to hold a decertification election?

20. When the NLRB held a reauthorization election for the unionized employees at Shaw Manufacturing Co., only 60 of the 100 members of the bargaining unit actually voted. Of those voting, 25 voted to keep the union shop requirement, and 35 voted to eliminate it. Must the union and the employer rescind the union shop requirement of their collective agreement? Explain.

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