350 word max essay on Ethical Decision Making in Business


Choose one of two articles to discuss (linked both articles down below)

-identify ethical question

-identify whoever must resolve the issue (may not be company as a whole, not the consumer, and no gov. figure)

-identify two options the person has to resolve the issue

-how the question should be resolved using one of the following theories: utilitarianism (greatest net benefit for greatest number); or Rawls’ justice theory (duty to focus on interests of the least advantaged for purpose of obtaining justice); or (Nozick’s Rights Theory (absence of fraud and force); or virtue ethics (whether the decision would reflect well on my character based on the values of my professional peers, the values of ethical role models, and if the decision appeared in the press); or objectivism (a rationally selfish decision that results neither in sacrificing myself to others nor others to myself); or the ethic of care (focus on actions that preserve the web of relationships close to the decision-maker).


https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/15/technology/lurid-lawsuits-quiet-end-leaves-silicon-valley-start-up-barely-dented.html?_r=0 (Note: If this one is chosen, the focus of your essay should be on the response to the alleged behavior by a non-participating employee or by an investor. Sexual harassment itself is obviously unethical and therefore whether to engage in such behavior does not pose a true ethical dilemma.)

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