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Discussion: Summarizing Ideas

The ability to summarize material is an important skill for active readers and writers. Let’s discuss how you have used this skill as you were working on your literary essay. Take a look at part of a sample post.

A summary should include the most important details and ideas in a text. It should include short descriptions of the main characters, as well as details about the events that occurred in the text. When I am reading, I look for ideas that seem to be necessary for the story to continue. To me, those are the most important details in the text. For my paper, I am going to discuss how the narrator learns a lesson over the course of the story in “The Strangers That Came to Town.”

Create one original post that

  • Discusses the information that needs to be included in a summary.

  • Explains how to identify the main idea and the important details.

  • Briefly summarizes the main ideas for your paper.

Create two response posts that

  • Respond to the original post of a classmate.
  • Explain how your peer’s post affected your interpretation and understanding of the stories.

Use the discussion rubric to see how you will be graded.

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