analysis stakeholder website


This Part 2 assignment asks you (1) to interpret your observations by explaining and evaluatinghow the stakeholder organization uses the website elements and techniques you addressed in Part 1 to move its intended audience toward its desired purpose and goal and (2) to analyzehow well these website elements and techniques accomplish this objective. To narrow the focus of your 1,000 – 1,200-word intermediate essay, you will choose 4-6 elements and/or techniques that are complex enough to spend an entire essay analyzing.

In your analysis, you will identify the stakeholder’s desired purpose and website choices (elements and techniques), consider the stakeholder’s possible intentions in making these choices, and provide explanations and evidence to support your evaluation of the stakeholder’s effectiveness in using these website elements and techniques to move its intended audience toward its desired purpose and goal.

In addition to drawing evidence from the website (your primary source), use two sources from Project 1, your textbook, or from additional research to support your analysis.

the stakeholder website link:

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