Answer both discussions

Your Story/Narrative Discussion

Use simple and clear language and avoid plagiarism. For this assignment I am muslim

What is your STORY? What is your SACRED NARRATIVE? What is the PARADIGM you grew up with that gave you your sense of right and wrong, ethical and unethical? In other words, what shaped your sense of morality? Did the “Moral Foundations Survey”you took online in this module resonate with your ethical paradigm, or did it portray you differently than you imagined?

Your Ethical Dilemma Discussion.

In this assignment, I want to be police officer.

So, what’s on your mind, ethically speaking? What’s the biggest ethical dilemma in life you want to try and figure out? Go ahead, lay it out here…. Second, what do you suppose are the biggest ethical challenges in the career path you’ve chosen? How might this be formulated into a research topic for your final paper — spell it out here.

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