Corey Brown Week 3 discussion

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The problem that I am choosing is the BP oil spill that occurred off the coast of Louisiana.  I am choosing this topic because I did presentation on this my sophomore year in college.  I also worked for a company that did work for BP chemical in Charleston, SC.  The problem that occurred in this situation was a tank that exploded and caused millions of gallons of oil to spill into the Gulf of Mexico. (Barrett)  This was a major disaster for the ecosystem, but it was said that the spill would not have a lasting effect on the ecosystem.  This is one part that I am confused about. I am not sure what the controversy side would be to this problem other than the spill not happening or the way in which the spill was cleaned out of the Gulf of Mexico. 

The setting of the economic system this would take place is in the capitalism.  This would because the government now is more of a capitalist government not a socialist government.  This situation happened off in the Gulf of Mexico which would be under the United States law to have BP clean up the spill.  There are many laws in place that help to regulate how BP operates to help keep the environment safe and keep the ecosystems of the ocean and on land safe and in tact.  There is certain steps that are taken to make sure that BP follows the laws and regulations needed to make sure they are following all regulations.  There are also government orginazations, such as OSHA, that help to regulate these laws.  (Cherry)

Again if anyone can give me some insight on this discussion it would be greatly appreciated.

Barrett, P. (2015, April 16). The BP oil spill cleanup isn’t a disaster: Five years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, recovery is progressing better than expected. Bloomberg Business. Retrieved from

Cherry, M. A., & Sneirson, J. F. (2010). Beyond profit: Rethinking corporate social responsibility and greenwashing after the BP oil spill. Tulane Law Review, 85(4), 983. Retrieved from

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