One/Two Way ANOVA

Imagine a researcher is interested in examining the psychological impact of principals’ perceived conflict-management style on teachers’ productivity. In this case, the researcher is interested in the relationships among teachers’ self-esteem, how teachers perceive their principals’ conflict-management style, and teachers’ productivity. Instead of conducting a power analysis before beginning the study, the researcher decided to use a convenience sample of 40 teachers.

These teachers completed a survey including a number of demographic questions as well as measures to assess perceived principals’ conflict-management style, teachers’ self-esteem, and productivity. Below are demographic data and participants’ responses on teachers’ perceptions of their principals’ conflict management style (cooperative vs. competitive) and the teacher productivity measure (50-point scale). Use these data to answer the questions below (these data have already been entered into the “teachersurvey.sav” SPSS file).

NOTE: Not all of the variables in the “teachersurvey.sav” file will be used for this assignment.

In this SPSS assignment, you will expand your understanding of inferential statistics involving an ANOVA. Complete the following:

  1. Using SPSS, conduct a one-way ANOVA to test for differences in productive scores (ProdOne) in relationship to subject taught (topic).
    1. Which variable is the dependent variable and which is the factor?
    2. After conducting the ANOVA using SPSS, be sure to present the findings in the SPSS table format.
    3. What is the effect size? (Hint: Partial Eta Squared can be used; to obtain Partial Eta Squared, use the General Linear Model approach to the analysis).
    4. Report the results in a narrative using APA format.
    5. What can be concluded from these results? Be sure to consider possible study limitations and provide recommendations for future research.

2. Conduct a two-way ANOVA to test if there is a significant difference in self-esteem (using the ScoreTwo variable in the “teachersurvey.sav” data set) across gender and across topic areas. Secondly, is there an interaction effect between these factors?

a. Report the three hypotheses sets (null and alternative) associated with this research problem.

b. Conduct and present the analysis using SPSS.

c. Report the results in APA format.

d. What can be concluded from these results? Be sure to consider possible study limitations and provide recommendations for future research.

3. Based on your personal experiences and interests, briefly discuss three factors and one dependent variable to be used in a three-way ANOVA.

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