Personal Ethical Framework for Group Psychotherapy

Develop an 8-10 page personal ethical framework that will guide you when confronted with various issues during group psychotherapy, including implications related to diversity. Be sure to consider the following as part of this ethical framework:
•Conflicting religious values of group facilitators and participants
•Social, environmental, and political values of facilitators and participants
•Family and community hierarchies within a culture
•Basic values and expectations in group process
•Scope of your training
•Adequate screening/assessment for various complicating issues within the group (domestic violence, addictions, suicidality, trauma histories, eating disorders, etc.)
•Variance in socioeconomic status
•Fee structures and process for determining pro-bono work
•Documentation of group notes, particularly when potentially problematic/litigious confrontations/comments/behaviors occur in group
•Any other issues you can think of that should be considered
Support your ethical framework with at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles.
please use 5 or more references reading of the week for this is Group Counseling: Concepts and Procedures text, Chapter 2, Appendices B, C, F, G
• Groups: Process and Practice text, Chapters 1 (pp. 12-23), 3
APA format please cite correctly, do not use elt. until after you cite all the authors once ( questions just ask me ) thanks (:

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