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1. Write and explain your definition of family. Discuss the similarities and differences between your definition and the authors ‘definition. What concepts in the text have broadened your definition of the family?2.What are some examples of a personal or family problem that is at least partly a result of problems in the society? Describe one specific social context of family life as presented in the text. Does what you read match what you see in everyday life?3.Discuss what you have learned from the text regarding the nature of sexual relationships. What did you find useful and relevant to everyday life? What seems remote from real-world experience?View keyboard shortcutsEditViewInsertFormatToolsTable

4. How do social factors influence the decision of unmarried individuals regarding their living situations? What are the advantages of options available to them (other than marriage)?5.How do gender structures in major social institutions such as politics, religion, education, and the economy affect how people “do” gender? How have these structures influenced your own expectations and choices? What changes would you propose for gender policies in these structures?

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