Essay 1: Rhetorical Analysis of a Music Video & Lyrics *****RHETORICAL ANALYSIS MUST BE ON ONE…

Essay 1: Rhetorical Analysis of a Music Video & Lyrics
-“BORN THIS WAY” BY LADY GAGA In class, we’ve begun to practice different techniques and styles of analysis. In this unit, we have looked at rhetorical analysisor, determining an authors argument and then analyzing and understanding how all the pieces of that argument work together to persuade an audience. You will now craft a rhetorical analysis for a music video.
You will perform a rhetorical analysis of one music video. The analysis must include an examination of both the lyrics and the visual elements of the video. You may choose one of the videos that were assigned to you in class, or, you may choose one of your own. However, if you want to choose a video for your own, you must email me for approval. The video/song should contain some elements of social commentary that will allow you to get to four pages.
Questions You Must Address in the Essay:
For this analysis, you must, in detail, address the following questions (you may address them in whatever order you choose, so long as they are addressed):
What are the arguments? What arguments does the artist make with his/her video and lyrics?
How are the arguments being made? What appeals or techniques does the argument use to craft his/her
What is the rhetorical situation? What is the cultural, racial, gender, political, and/or social situation in which the
argument is being made? How is it relevant to todays society?
Who is the argument intended for? Who is the intended audience? How do you know? How do the techniques
and appeals work to persuade this particular audience?
Additional Guidelines:
Remember, your job isnt to summarize. You might need to use small bits of summary to help explain your analysis, but dont just summarize what you seerather, pick a part what the video/song means and examine the rhetorical choices behind the video/lyrics.
Remember, your job isnt to assess or judge the music video, nor is it your job to agree to disagree with the artists argument. Your task is to pick apart their intentionswhat do you think they were trying to accomplish? Your own views take a backseat on this essay.
Your introduction paragraph should clearly introduce the artist, the song title, and the music video. It should also contain a clear thesis statement that indicates your interpretation of the artists main argument.
Your conclusion should contain an assessment of the arguments effectiveness. Do you think the artist was effective in delivering his/her message? Why or why not? (This is where you get to add in some of your own views!)
Your essay should contain an introduction paragraph, a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph, and a Works Cited page (the Works Cited page does not count toward your page requirement).
Make sure you follow mechanics guidelines: capitalize I, use proper punctuation, write in complete sentences, use spell check!
Essay Requirements
Your essay should be typed (Times New Roman, 12 pt. font), in paragraphs, and in MLA format. Make sure you have an engaging and unique title!
4-5 pages, not include the Works Cited page
See the schedule for the due date

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