Principles of Programming PRAC 1 Assessment University Library System Learning Outcomes This assignm

Principles of Programming
PRAC 1 Assessment University Library System Learning Outcomes This assignment covers the following learning outcomes for the module: Interpret software requirements from given scenario.
Structure programs using key programming constructs.
Identify and implement modular elements of programs.
Demonstrate an appreciation of the key principles of user-centric design to design and
develop appropriate user interfaces.
Task Using an Object Orientated Approach (including inheritance, where appropriate) your task is to use Java to produce a piece of software to enable a University Learning Resource Centre to keep a record of resources, including:
Academic Journals
Loanable laptop computers.
You should produce a piece of software that will catalogue these items and allow users to:
1. Add new items
2. Edit details associated with existing items
3. List items in the catalogue
4. Search for items in the catalogue
5. Delete items from the catalogue
In order to complete this assessment, you will need to decide which information needs to be recorded in the software.
Your software should include an intuitive graphical user interface to help the user effectively manage the software.
Your software should be tested, and you should produce evidence of your software testing.
You should include (hard code) three test items of each item in the inventory. There is no underlying database for this assessment and so it is expected that any additional data added during the operation of this software will be lost when the software is closed. You should adhere to professional programming standards, ensuring that your code is well commented and that you use standard naming conventions for variables, controls etc.
The assessment for this module is by way of a classroom-based demonstration. During the demonstration you will be asked to:
Have your software running on a University machine or your own laptop.
Allow the tutor to operate the software to test key aspects of the softwares functionality.
Produce printed or electronic evidence of testing procedures and the outcome of that testing.
Show the tutor the underlying code for your software.
Answer any questions that you may be asked in line with the marking criteria below.

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