Practice makes perfect, but maybe not. There is no such thing as a perfect counselor. You will make

Practice makes perfect, but maybe not. There is no such thing as a perfect counselor. You will make mistakes, you will say the wrong thing at times, but you will learn from these experiences. It can take years to develop counseling skills and a personal style that works for you. So, in our case, we want to practice as much as possible to help build comfort, confidence and remove some of that initial awkwardness. Preparation is key to success as a future nutrition counselor. We want clients to come back to us, so we can help them work towards achieving their goals. But what are the chances of this happening if we are awkward, communicate poorly and seem inexperienced. Food for thought: Have you ever met with a health practitioner that made you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable for them and/or made you suspect that you might be their first ever patient/client? And if so, did you see this practitioner again? With that said, you will complete the Assignment- Nutritional Assessment on text page 135. Find a healthy volunteer to meet in person. This may be a friend, immediate family member, relative, classmate or co-worker. Part I: Use the guidelines and steps listed.
Please note- this includes giving your volunteer a copy of the Lifestyle Management Forms 5.1 & 5.4 to fill out prior to the counseling session (pages 402 & 408 in text). You can send this ahead of time in an email/word document/scanned document etc.
Also note- you will need a tape measure, calculator, visuals for portion sizes and your text present (for additional forms in the Appendix) when you meet with the volunteer.
For this discussion forum, you will: Post your answer to Part II, question 7: What did you learn from this experience?
Based on this activity, identify your stregnths and/or areas that need improvement.
AND attach as a word document, answers to Part II- Questions 1-6.
Q1 use initials instead of actual identity/name of volunteer.
Q8 is optional, you will be filling these forms out with the volunteer anyways, attach if you would like. No extra credit.
Responses to your peers should involve critical review of their answers to Q1-7. See the discussion forum grading rubric for more guidance.

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