The assignment is to author Title, Purpose, Introduction, Hypothesis, Material & Method, Results…

The assignment is to author Title, Purpose, Introduction, Hypothesis, Material & Method, Results and Conclusion of the Egg Osmosis Lab. You do not have to perform actual Lab, simply write about it. (Osmosis/Diffusion).
Please cite the following source:
Textbook: Concepts in Biology, 14th ed. by Eldon Enger, Frederick Ross, and David Bailey.
Specific Details below. (Word Document in Additional Files)
Title: (should be a phrase that contains a brief description of what the experiment is about)
Purpose: (explain in greater detail what the overall point of the lab was and what was found out; Why did you this?; How was it significant?)
Introduction: This is general background information to orient your reader on the paper will be about.
Hypothesis: This is an educated guess based on the information that you have gathered in the observation. (What do you think will happen?) Be sure to include your independent and dependent variable (in that order).
Materials & Method: This section states exactly what YOU did! (list the materials, supplies and equipment used and then describe the procedure so that somebody else could do the same lab by following your description). Note: this should be written in the PAST TENSE 3rd PERSON (i.e a potato was cut, )
Explain the results, draw inferences, make conclusions, ask questions. Suggest further follow up studies. Mention what you would have done differently.

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