Describe the role of enterprise systems as part of the larger IT infrastructure of large scale … 1 answer below »

You have recently been employed as a Business Analyst and your boss has decided to send you on a
short Enterprise Systems course. You have now returned from your course ad would like to demonstrate
your learning. Create an e-portfolio to provide a synopsis and reflection on your learning during
the course. You have been requested to document your learning in a portfolio that can be displayed on
your company's intranet or knowledge portal. This way, the entire organization can access the document
and share in your newly acquired knowledge.
This assessment task will address the following ILOs:
• Evaluate and Integrate several information sources in analysing Enterprise Systems
• Describe the role of enterprise systems as part of the larger IT infrastructure of large scale organisations.
• Identify relevant considerations in the implementation of Enterprise Systems.
• Demonstrate communication skills to present a coordinated, coherent and independent exposition of knowledge
and ideas in dealing with Enterprise Systems.
Time allocation: Approximately 30-40 hours
Weighting: 30%
Submission: Using your student e-Portfolio account, create a link from Moodle to your Mahara page as
indicated on the submission link. You are required to prepare your responses to the assessment tasks as a
page in your Mahara e-Portfolio. (To be submitted in Week 11)
Referencing: Your portfolio should be a synthesis of ideas from a variety of sources expressed in your
own words. A minimum of 10 references is recommended. You should use the APA referencing style.
The University has published a style guide to help students correctly reference and cite information they
use in assignments (American Psychological Association (APA) citation style:

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