Interview an adult you know (spouse, friend, neighbor) and obtain a 24-hour food recall from this pe

Interview an adult you know (spouse, friend, neighbor) and obtain a 24-hour food recall from this person. You will need to record their gender, height, weight, age, and activity level. Note: If you wish, you may select yourself, but please be honest and accurate in your report. If you use a subject other than yourself, you will need to do this as an interview. It should only take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Ask the following questions. At what time did you first have something to eat or drink? Please tell me what you had to eat or drink, complete with product/brand names (if they can remember) and portion sizes. Keep track of this information, making sure you have them use common measurements. It is important to be as detailed as possible. At what time did you have your next food or drink? Then ask them to list their food and beverage intake, complete with product names and portion sizes. Repeat this process until you have recorded everything your subject ate or drank from the time they woke up until the time they went to sleep. Predictions Write down a fairly detailed response (~2 paragraphs) with your predictions for the outcome of the analysis, which should include predictions for any excess or shortages for the major food groups and the macro-/micro-nutrients. Some questions to consider (although you are not limited to just these topics): Do you think your subject’s food recall will be lacking in any food groups from MyPlate? Exceeding? Will they be lacking in anything or exceeding nutrient needs for anything (include both macro- and micro-nutrients).

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