THIS IS A CRITIQUING RESEARCH WORK. Provided Article by lecturer to use – :, Workplace violence expe

Provided Article by lecturer to use – :,
Workplace violence experienced by nursing students: A UK survey by Tee, Yeter Sinem Uzar Ozcetin, Michele Russell-westhead.
please also refer to:
Lowenstein, 2013; Carter et al., 2013
Gacki-Smith et al., 2009
Jackson et al., 2002
Cooper et al,. 2011
Ozturk et al., 2008
Randle, 2003
Magnussen and Amundson, 2003 etc, etc Remember this is a Quantitative research work and therefore should follow the step by step guide:
1. Element influencing believability of the study – authors qualifications and job title can be a useful indicator into the research.
Report title – the title should be between 10 and 15 words long and should clearly identify for the reader the purpose of the study
Abstract – this should provide a succinct overview of the research and should include information regarding the purpose of the study, method, sample size and selection
2. Elements influencing robustness of the study – i.e:
purpose / significance of the study
logical consistency
literature review
Research question
Theoretical framework
3. Aims and objective/research question/research hypothesis
Sampling and sample size
Ethical considerations
Operational definitions
Methodology: research design
Data collection
Instrument design
validity and reliability
Data analysis and results

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