Coursework assessment WORD LIMIT IS 2500. The aim of this exercise is to create a written piece of w

Coursework assessment WORD LIMIT IS 2500.
The aim of this exercise is to create a written piece of work which will analyse the evolution of ecosystem services framework and, using knowledge gathered during this module, suggest its future development. The work aims to develop your ability to:
critically review and consider wider implications of an issue;
obtain and synthesise relevant information / literature ;
present your findings in a coherent and concise manner.
Choosing a single ecosystem service from the Supporting services category, you will write an essay which will consider the reasons why humankind has developed an interest in understanding this service and, in your own opinion, what action should we take in the near future to maintain/enhance the delivery of this service. Your work must:
clearly explain the main issue
indicate appropriate evidence supporting your statements and opinions
end with a concise conclusion summarising your opinion about future action
Your explanation and, in particular, your evidence must be clearly referenced using an accepted format (see ). Structure: Your document should clearly state its aim, be well organised and present a clear conclusion/recommendation of action. Content: your work must draw on at least 15 external sources, material presented must be
relevant to the topic. Arguments and discussion weighing different points of view must be
developed coherently and the work must show critical analysis of the subject (i.e. show what YOU think of the subject on the basis of available evidence). Use of appropriate diagrams or figures is acceptable.

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