1. Decide upon a topic you wish to research. This may be related to business, law, science or the so

1. Decide upon a topic you wish to research. This may be related to business, law, science or the social sciences (i.e. the changes in unemployment statistics over time, drug use by different age groups, crimes in different regions of the country etc).
2. Collect secondary data from the UKs Office of National Statistics website (www.ons.gov.uk) which relates to your topic of interest. The data you select is up to you, but you must collect enough data to allow you to complete the tasks below properly.
Data means tables of facts and numbers. You must not copy graphs from the ONS website.
3. Use a range of appropriate graphical techniques to display and process this data (i.e. bar charts, scatter diagrams, histograms, pie charts, cumulative frequency curves etc.).
Your report should contain at least four graphs of at least two different types.
You MUST draw the graphs yourself using graph paper and pens.
4. Calculate at least one measure of average and one measure of spread which relate to your collected data.
5. Write a detailed commentary describing your analysis;
Describe the data, your graphs and the results of your calculations.
Analyse your data and processing commenting on the patterns, trends and significant values that you observe
Interpret your data, graphs and calculations to give a wider context to your commentary.
6. Outline and discuss any issues you think might relate to the original collection of the data you have used in your report. Your discussion might include the following points;
An outline of how the data were (or might have been) collected.
A discussion of some of the problems that might have been experienced by the researchers in collecting this data.

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