Below is the essay prompt Choose at least two films and four articles from weeks 7-15, to discuss, a

Below is the essay prompt
Choose at least two films and four articles from weeks 7-15, to discuss, analyze, celebrate,
and/or critique the representation of different ethnicities and races in media and film. Consider
writing about how gender complicate these representations. Please produce a 7-8 pages
double-spaced essay (1750-2000 words) that supports a thesis of your making. Use four articles
(about a paragraph summary of each) and two films (use a scene, narrative, and/or characters
from the films to make your argument about ethnic representation) to support your overall
argument. Again, there are lots of different ways to argue this. I would choose the articles and
films most interesting to you!
Feel free to come discuss your questions, outline, or ideas during my office hours or your TAs
office hours. I will be having office hours this Wednesday and next Wednesday (December 6)
from 1:30-4:30. I will also have a study session on December 5 from 12:30-2 (location TBD) and
there will be an American Studies and Ethnicity study break directly after from 2-4. I will be
available to answer questions at this time also.
Essay is due on December 12 at 10am. Remember you do either the final essay OR the final
take home exam through Blackboard.
This essay will be turned in electronically. Remember the final is worth 40% of your grade. Late
papers will be heavily penalized because we have a very limited time to grade exams and enter
the final grades. Papers that are a minute to a day late will be marked down 30%. No papers
will be accepted after December 13 at 10am. You do not want a zero so turn in anything you
have as soon as you can.
Let me know if you have any questions!
The movies you can choose from are as followed:
Enter the Dragon(Bruce Lee)
Sin Nombre
Ju-on: the grudge
Grace Lee Boggs: American Revolutionary
OJ: Made in America
The articles you can choose to make the argument are as followed:
Imagining Multiculturalism(Fregoso)
When Whiteness Feminizes(Rey Chow)
The Chinese Exclusion example(Erica Lee)
Kung Fusion(Vijay Prashad)
The possessive investment (George Lipsitz)
Celebrities,commodities, criminals()

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