Dear, the question is: Does citizen journalism present a threat to news industries? Support your ans

Dear, the question is: Does citizen journalism present a threat to news industries? Support your answer with specific examples and relevant academic literature. Make sure you have an interesting fact in the first sentence of the essay, in the introduction. In the introduction mission what is citizen journalism a brief definition.and some back ground of citizen journalism and when it was started. make sure you include the thesis in the last part of the introduction Body paragraphs:
In the body paragraphs talk more in-depth about citizen journalism and the types of citizen journalism. How it started? who are the citizen ? what do we mean by the team citizen journalism ? where are people are using it ? and the platform they are using? What is the kind of threat is it causing to the news industry??
How it is a threat to the global news? since almost everyone has access to the internet. mention how does citizen journalism is effecting the global news platform or the official news.
– bring up teams like, new media, globalization, internet access, speed, smart phones, trust. make sure you relate it to the idea of citizen journalism. +the idea of new media is effecting the news industry . How do digital media transform the traditional news industries? How do they transform news consumption? bring specific example of the idea of citizen journalism:
The Arabian spring and how the citizen shared news, ideas, exclusive pictures and videos and sharing them on the internet and more
also the example of Syria and its relation with citizen journalism The conclusion:
summaries the main point of the essay and being up the main idea of the essay make sure you answer the question at any part of the essay
make sure you include in-text citation
make sure the ideas are built in a cohesive way
make sure you include academic literature

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