Project: Policy/Program Evaluation Report with formal presentation to the class. Students will be di

Project: Policy/Program Evaluation Report with formal presentation to the class. Students will be divided into groups.
1.Each group will either choose a program/policy to evaluate.
2.The course instructor must approve the program/policy each group chooses to evaluate. Create a written report of the evaluation results that is tailored to meet the needs of your commissioning stakeholders. I suggest the following structure, but encourage you to modify it as you see fit in order to fit the specific evaluation you conducted and best meet the needs of your stakeholders:
1.Develop a plan to evaluate the program/policy and hypothetically conduct the evaluation (see assessment rubric).
2. Groups will make an oral presentation of their evaluation to the other class members during the January, 11 class & submit one group evaluation paper.
The oral presentations, program/policy plan and evaluation will be graded and each student will receive a grade for their part in the project. Grades for each member of the Group may not be the same.
The presentations should in power point or another standard presentation formats.
Group members will evaluate each members contribution to the group assignments.
APA format must be used when appropriate.
The group paper should consist of the following sections (approximate guidelines for length):
Title Page (title of proposed study, author, affiliation, running head) (1 page)
Section 1-Executive summary (300-500 words and should very briefly (2-4 sentences) summarize section 2 (Program/Policy Description) and 3 (Evaluation Data and Analyses) before focusing more substantively on the Findings and Recommendations by giving the 3-5 most important things for stakeholders to learn from your evaluation.
Section 2- Program/Policy Description (2-3 pages) ?Goals and Objectives: What was the program/policy designed to do?
?Program/Policy Clientele: Who was the program/policy designed to help?
?Program/Policy Activities: How does the program/policy try to achieve its goals and objectives? Section 3-Evaluation Data and Analyses (2-3 pages) ?Methodology (sample, groups, setting, instrumentation, procedures) ?Timeline and budget ?What evaluation framework/orientation was utilized? ?Include a diagram of the program/policys theory of action and/or theory of change. ?What were the central evaluation questions? Or what were the central stakeholder needs?
?What evaluation data was utilized? And what analyses were conducted on the evaluation data (not the results of those analyses just what were the analyses)? ?Note: This section can be organized around the goals, objectives and activities so that stakeholders can easily recognize relations among evaluation data components, program/policy activities, and the goals and objectives each activity was designed to impact. It also can be organized around central evaluation questions or stakeholder needs. ? Section 4-Findings and Recommendations ?Note: This is where you tell the stakeholders what you think are the most important things for them to learn from your program/policy evaluation (findings) and what you think they should do (recommendations) based on that knowledge. ?Summary of the results
?Significance of the study – Limitations

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