This is a capstone project for the course; do your best! First, choose a person from an age group in

This is a capstone project for the course; do your best!
First, choose a person from an age group in which you are interested. If you are going to observe a child, be sure you have the written permission of the child’s parent or guardian.
Spend about an hour observing the person in their natural environment. Write down everything they do, keeping a frequency count of the behaviors observed. You will turn this into percentages for the final paper.
Spend another hour interviewing the person, as developmentally appropriate. While you are interviewing and observing, choose 5 developmental topics from the appropriate text chapters to relate the behavior and interview to. For example, if you are observing and interviewing an older person, you might ask about their present or former career, ask them to tell about when they were younger, etc. With a child or adolescent, you might relate what you see and hear to Erikson’s, Piaget’s, or Vygotsky’s theories. Talk to them about anything in the interview. The point is to determine how they experience the world. You may want to record the interview for further analysis.
Design an informal test that measures one of the developmental concepts appropriate to their age. For example, with a school aged child, you might test conservation. With a baby, you might design an assessment of object permanence.
In the final paper that you will submit to me, please be sure to have the following sections:
I. Brief (1 page) description of the observation with percentages of time spent in activities.
II. Brief (again, 1 page) description of the interview and what you learned. You may used brief quotes from the observed person.
III. of you self-designed assessment, why you chose what you did, and how your observed person did with the task

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